The Last Mile Initiative

Chiapas International has committed to raise $2,000,000 for a new Grameen Foundation project, “The Last Mile Initiative” to reach rural farmers in the Uraba Coastal area of Colombia. Small farmers will be given the tools and assistance to go from sustenance to sustainable food production.

Grameen Foundation has successfully developed this program in Africa and Asia, thus raising expectations of success for Colombia. Once in place in Colombia, the initiative will be replicated throughout Latin America.

Women farmers comprise 35% of the Last Mile Initiative Project

Rural Agricultural Challenges

  • Extreme poverty in Colombia is rural: More than 80% of the extremely poor of the country depend upon agriculture
  • Lack of Appropriate Financing: Less than 60% of microfinance reach rural farmers
  • High Risk Perception: Especially with small family farms
  • Vulnerable Crop Systems: Low productivity and low profit
  • Limited Supply Capacity: Unorganized producers with inconsistent quality
  • Isolated Markets: High dependency on “middle-men” to take to produce to market and the fluctuations of market prices
  • Lack of access to available agricultural information and best practices: Limited technical assistance and the inability to benefit from technology

Grameen Agricultural Intervention Theory of Change

  • Increase inclusivity in productive value chain
  • Introduce mobile technology to accelerate efficiencies and effectiveness of technical assistance
  • Promote adoption of improved and ethical agricultural practices (Fair Trade Certification)
  • Provide access to early stage working capital and steady cash flow


Chiapas International is committed to raising $2 million dollars to fund The Last Mile Initiative. Please join the challenge and help make a difference today!


For more information on this initiative:
contact or call 214-678-9510.

Learn more about this project on the Grameen Foundation website.